Press releases

- December 2017 BR-TV - Abendschau - specialist planner ordnance clearance Bomb search for office people In Bavaria.
An average of 65 war duds are found every year. As more and more military grounds are abandoned, in the future also some ammunition finds of more recent date will be added. There are specialists in demand.

- November 2017
Münchner Merkur - The bomb seekers of Langenpreising:

- September 2017
Spiegel Online - Interview with Peter Waffler - Occupation bomb deterrent "And then I unscrew the detonator":

- July 2017
EMC in Controversy the Political Magazine - Bavarian TV "Duds-ticking time bombs":

- June 2017
Münchner Merkur - Bombs in the ground are their business:

- June 2017
Süddeutsche Zeitung - Erding is waiting for the clearance command:

- March 2017
TZ - "How dangerous are these bombs?" - Experts explain the explosive find of Freimann:

- May 2016
Heilbronn Info - Detonators recovered from the Second World War:

- September 2015
Süddeutsche Zeitung - Vermintes Gelände: Reconstruction begins in Langenpreising:

- September 2015
Süddeutsche Zeitung - Learning to Find Bombs in Langenpreising:

- September 2015
Süddeutsche Zeitung - Was ukrainische Minenräumer in Oberbayern lernen

Danger to life in the subsoil. Warn the experts warning: Never touch any of the weapon finds ... Bomb city park Danger of life in the subsoil Nuremberg and region North Bavaria

Bombs and shells. On April 18, 1945, Erding was bombed. In the summer of 1944 the Fliegerhorst had been attacked twice with fire bombs. A company from Langenpreising is aware of the fact that bombs, grenades and ammunition have been left behind, so that builders will not be surprised... Erdinger-Anzeiger

Michael Schilling and Wolfgang Schweigler have found ammunition rests with a metal detector on the former military practice grounds ... Erlangen1

Wild horses as animal landscape keepers. Species protection project expands: Extensive enclosure in the Tennenloher forest is considerably enlarged ... Erlangen2

Countless shells are still live. INVESTIGATION: On the former blasting site in Teuchatz, a current investigation is being carried out to determine whether an old military power station could contaminate groundwater. However, there is also a danger to life and limb

Discovery of bomb: Autobahn closed ... Newspaper Munich Riem

Airborne bombs found in Penzing: fuse is defused in Ingolstadt ... Newspaper 1999 Airborne bombshell Penzing

Everything is clean until the park is opened: Specialists in the Muna area are working hard ... Zeitung 1998 Legoland Günzburg

"Blumenerde" (garden mold) just good enough: For Legoland, explosives specialists clear this Günzburger Muna-Gelände ... Newspaper 1998 Legoland Günzburg

Fully developed by the end of 1998: Feuchter municipal councils inform themselves at GNF Managing Director Jakob ... Newspaper 1998 GNF