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EMC Kampfmittelbeseitigungs GmbH has established itself as one of the leading medium-sized companies in Bavaria. Our striving for the highest quality, coupled with solid management and constant availability, have made EMC Kampfmittelbeseitigungs GmbH a permanent fixture in the EOD industry and a reliable partner for construction companies, local authorities, administrations and engineering firms.

Our team consists of technical experts, mainly former EOD specialists from the German Armed Forces with training in conventional and chemical warfare. All our experts have valid certificates of competence in accordance with § 20 of the Explosives Act. Years of professional experience and long-term assignments as site managers at the US military training centers Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels have established our extensive practical experience in ammunition destruction.


the company EMC Engineering Management Center was founded in Langenpreising.


EMC Kampfmittelbeseitigungs GmbH was founded.

2006 – 2016

Continuous expansion of the company.


Move to the newly built head office in Langenpreising.


In 2017, we were able to recruit additional employees for our company and now employ over 20 people.
The completion and state recognition of our training center, the EOD Academy, was a major milestone for EMC.


Branch OST, Zeithain.


The aim is to achieve explosive ordnance clearance.

It forms the basis for further and safe terrain processing. To ensure the security you need for your project, we use state-of-the-art technologies.

Our team, consisting of highly trained specialists acc. §20 Explosive act, will be happy to provide you with different services you require for your particular task.
In addition to the necessary security, our employees also focus on the economic interests of our customers.

How we work


This forms the basis of our research work in order to be able to make a qualified assessment of the site.
Aerial photographs are viewed in various archives. The images matching the site are obtained and evaluated and the relevant data identified is transferred to current maps.
The resulting findings are the guiding factor for further action on site.

In order to determine in advance the contamination of a site with ferromagnetic bodies, we offer you a test field sounding.
This involves determining and evaluating the load at several points on the site on previously defined areas.

Systematic surface probing using single and multi-channel systems (altiv/passiv) of the brands Vallon, Ebinger, Förster and Sensys.
Ammunition that is safe to handle and transport is recovered by our qualified specialist personnel and handed over to the responsible demolition squad.
Ammunition identified as unsafe to handle and transport is secured by us and reported to the relevant authorities.
Once all measures have been completed, a written explosive ordnance clearance will be issued for the processed area.

Construction excavation monitoring
If a systematic surface sounding is not possible due to strong ferromagnetic interference fields, e.g. existing buildings, fillings, pipes, etc., we recommend an explosive ordnance clearance during construction.
Our specialist technical supervisor in accordance with the SprengG monitors the excavation work for ammunition, parts of ammunition (bomb control unit, detached fuse spindle, etc.) or general changes to the ground. If ammunition is found, the § 20 SprengG holder decides immediately on the measures to be taken and initiates them.
This enables us to guarantee relatively short construction downtimes.
Of course, the excavation base is checked at the end and a written explosive ordnance clearance is issued.

Who likes drilling on bombs?
We provide you with the security for your drilling team by means of a punctual surface sounding.
Naturally with written explosive ordnance clearance.

If bomb craters are discovered during an area survey or during the historical preliminary investigation.
bomb craters are discovered, we can excavate and clear them with specially secured construction machinery.

If it is not possible to measure out drilling points due to strong ferromagnetic interference fields, e.g. due to existing buildings, we can carry out deep sounding with our rotary drilling equipment and a special borehole probe. The probe is lowered into the borehole and deeper values are recorded.

If your area is in need of munitions clearance, we can develop a concept for explosive ordnance clearance that is cost-effective and feasible, taking your interests into account.

By processing all recorded data in digital form, we can provide you with documentation that can be presented anywhere.

Our external employees are able to detect and analyze soil and groundwater contamination. We will, of course, keep you fully informed of the measures to be taken.

We offer support in setting up national mine and ordnance clearance structures. Clearance capacities are created through the training of local personnel.
Our specialist personnel excel in the procurement and training of technical equipment for mine clearance.
Educating the population at risk from mines and how to behave in crisis situations are at the forefront of our activities.

The absence of explosive ordnance on the building site is one of the main risks for a building owner.
Improper or even missing planning can often lead to considerable disruptions in the construction process, which not only result in a considerable loss of time, but also in additional financial expenses, as this involves the clearance of explosive ordnance.

For this reason, several organizations have called for a uniform approach to explosive ordnance disposal.
For this reason, the Bundeswehr University Munich, Institute for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, in cooperation with the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA), has set itself the task of introducing an additional academic course to provide postgraduate training for “specialist planners for explosive ordnance clearance”.

This engineering know-how imparted there is to be applied both in the professional assessment of suspected explosive ordnance cases and in the planning of clearance measures, as well as in the qualified supervision of the work.

We, EMC Kampfmittelbeseitigungs GmbH, offer you a well-founded overall concept from planning and implementation through to inspection/QA.
In doing so, we follow the guidelines of the “Baufachliche Richtlinien Kampfmittelräumung” (BFR KMR).
In our company, you will be looked after by our specialist planners in explosive ordnance clearance, who can also draw on many years of professional experience as specialist technical supervisory personnel in accordance with §20 of the Explosives Act and as responsible clearance site managers.

This service concept is structured in the following phases:

4.1 Phase scheme for explosive ordnance clearance
4.1.1 Phase A – Historical investigation of possible explosive ordnance contamination and assessment
4.1.2 Phase B – Technical investigation of the explosive ordnance contamination and risk assessment
4.1.3 Phase C – Clearance concept, tendering and implementation of explosive ordnance clearance

5 Evaluation and risk assessment

6 Clearance concept
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Planning steps for the clearance concept
6.3 Documentation of the clearance concept

8 Documentation

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Anita Losansky

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Wolfgang Schweigler

License holder § 20 SprengG, operating site OST


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